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What Are Cattle Grids For?

By Graham’s Precast Concrete Products Pty Ltd • 18 Aug, 2021



Cattle grids are man-made depressions in the ground that come in a number of different forms. Commonly they are made from concrete or steel, and sometimes made from wood. At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, we specialise in constructing and installing concrete cattle grids. Cattle grids that don’t actually involve a structure and are painted on the ground to form an optical illusion are also available.

Usually, cattle grids are placed between public and private land. They’re typically used on public roads where it’s not possible to place a fence.


The purpose of a cattle grid is to prevent cattle from walking over property boundaries and into potentially dangerous areas like roads. This is essential for cattle who graze in open areas and are at risk of wandering off.

Cattle grids are designed with bars that cars or people can easily cross over, but which cattle cannot. Cows have a natural fear of falling and hurting themselves, and therefore they won’t usually take the risk of trying to cross a cattle grid. Cattle and other types of livestock have a less detailed vision and poorer depth perception than humans, so a visual deterrent is normally sufficient to prevent them from crossing into an area where you don’t want them to go. This is why painted cattle grids are a suitable alternative if it’s not possible to install a structure.


Cars and humans have no trouble crossing over the bars of a cattle grid, so it’s highly unlikely that any injury or damage will be caused to people or vehicles. However, if an animal is particularly determined and attempts to walk across or jump over a cattle grid there is a risk that they will be injured.

If an animal attempts to cross a cattle grid, it can sometimes get stuck if its legs slip through the bars. If it then struggles too much, there’s a risk that it will break its leg. However, it’s usually possible to lift the animal back out to safety without them becoming injured. It’s worth bearing in mind that some cattle will manage to jump over the cattle grid successfully, which potentially exposes them to danger. However, in most cases, this won’t be possible and the cattle grid works to keep the livestock safe.

If you wonder why chose concrete cattle rids, read our latest blog to discover the advantages of concrete cattle grids.


Concrete cattle grids are strong and long-lasting, plus they can withstand plenty of heavy traffic. At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, our concrete cattle grids meet the highest industry standards and have received the Structural Design Certificate for Grids. You can be confident that our cattle grids are of fantastic quality and will last for years to come.

We’re based in Kyogle and supply cattle grids to farms and rural sites throughout Queensland and New South Wales. To find out more about our products or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch. We also supply a range of other concrete products such as troughs and septic tanks.