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Concrete Cattle Grids NSW & QLD

Safeguard Your Livestock

Precast Concrete Cattle Grids

Farmers across Australia have long used concrete cattle grid to keep their herds safely confined. A precast cattle grid offers a unique suite of advantages that you just don’t get with other forms of cattle control. If you want a high-quality grid solution that will last and is tailored to meet your exact requirements, get in touch with the team at Graham’s Precast.

At Graham’s Precast Concrete in Kyogle, our cattle grids have been made to industry standards, and have received the Structural Design Certificate for Cattle Grids, so you can feel confident in knowing that you have chosen a top-notch product that won’t let you down, even during the harsh Australian seasons.

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Concrete cattle grids in 308 street — Cattle Grids in Kyogle, NSW

What Are Concrete Cattle Grids?

If you have livestock to keep safe, then you probably understand the importance of having a well-built cattle grid. While there are numerous materials available, concrete grids are especially useful because of their durable nature and resilience in various weather conditions. At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products in Kyogle, we pride ourselves on supplying strong and reliable concrete cattle grids to clients in QLD and the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Having been in the business for decades, we have an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of agricultural sites and have specially designed our concrete cattle grids to suit, keeping both your cattle and business safe. 

Cattle grids have been in use for over a century; we know that they need to be strong, durable, and long-lasting, and we’re confident that our concrete grids meet these requirements. Our grids have been made to industry standards. We have also received the Structural Design Certificate for Grids, so you can feel confident knowing you have a top-notch product. It won’t let you down, even when used over several years and throughout different seasons. 

We offer a huge range of long-lasting cattle grids for sale. We supply a variety of sizes that are designed to handle heavy traffic. This includes grids, as well as grid abutments and grid bases.

Why Use A Concrete Cattle Grid?

While you may have seen metal or even virtual painted grids that fool the cattle into thinking they can’t cross, there are numerous benefits to using concrete.

Unlike many metals, concrete cattle grids won’t rust or corrode over time when used in wet conditions. It’s also highly durable when used around heavy livestock, as it’s not as prone to cracking and breaking as cheaper materials. Our concrete cattle grids are made to last, so you’ll spend less time repairing & replacing your grids.

From the weather through to site conditions, there are many variables that affect the quality of an on-site concrete grid installation from sudden weather changes, difficult access, among others. In contrast, precast concrete is made in a factory under controlled conditions. This ensures that the materials are accurately mixed, exactly the right dimensions and we can work no matter the weather meaning you receive a higher quality finished product regardless of weather.

Using precast concrete also ensures that labour costs are kept to a minimum. Because the work isn’t weather or site-dependent, workers can quickly get the job done. Concrete is never wasted in the same way it can be when used as part of an on-site installation, which also helps keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Importantly, precast concrete gives high-grade results the first time, every time. This level of quality assurance minimises waste & provides customers with the guarantee of receiving a premium installation that will give decades of excellent service.

Two cows in the field — Cattle Grids in Kyogle, NSW
Entrance with concrete cattle grids — Cattle Grids in Kyogle, NSW

Concrete Cattle Grids NSW & QLD

As well as having a well-constructed and durable cattle grid, it needs to be installed correctly to make sure it functions as expected and is completely secure. At Graham’s Precast Concrete, we give our customers a complete end-to-end service, all the way from providing an initial quote through to the delivery and final installation of your concrete cattle grid. This means we can ensure a top-quality installation and total customer satisfaction. It also takes the pressure off you. You can relax knowing that your cattle grid will be delivered safely to your site and properly installed so it’s ready to use straightaway. 

You’ll be impressed by our attention to detail and excellent standards of workmanship. We have the right skills to carry out high-quality cattle grid installation work at any agricultural site in the region and surrounding areas, including Tweed headsLismore, Grafton, Kyogle, Yamba, Coffs Coast and Byron Bay. We’re wholly committed to providing quality concrete products, as well as a service you can rely on.

Concrete Cattle Grids

Frequently Asked Questions

Cattle grids are designed for property owners who need an effective solution to keep cattle from wandering away while at the same time maintaining an easy access point for vehicles.

As one of the most popular materials for constructing cattle grids, precast concrete has a number of advantages. It’s extremely strong, durable, weather-resistant and allows for safe vehicle crossing.

Our cattle grids have been designed and constructed to the highest quality levels and have been given the Structural Design Certificate for Grids. We create each of our products knowing that your livelihood depends on your grids holding up and keeping your cattle safely confined when needed. Additionally, you’ll experience the convenience of delivery, and we provide services to a wide coverage area. Your products will be created, delivered, and installed by us personally, so you get the same great service from the beginning of your project to the very end. If you’re ready to order, head on over to our contact page and let us know.

Whilst in most cases sheep won’t cross a grid, there are cases where clever sheep have managed to walk across a cattle grid, or, perhaps worse, get stuck in one! When you’ve chosen a grid that’s too narrow, an enterprising sheep may also try (and succeed) in jumping across it.

If you are wanting a grid in an unfrequented location, we recommend also installing a gate to reduce the risk of an unwanted escape or a stuck or worse, harmed animal. We are always happy to recommend suitable dimensions to minimize the risk of animals either crossing the grid or getting stuck in it. Please get in touch to discuss further!

Whilst it’s possible a cow can get stuck in a grid, it’s highly unlikely. Because of the drop below the bars, the cow sees the grid as a series of narrow rails over (in their eyes) an infinite drop. Being quite sensible, cows don’t want to venture out over an infinite drop unless it’s a last resort! This is the reason why cattle grids are so effective in persuading animals to stay in a designated area.

We recommend patrolling grids daily when first introducing one so that in the unlikely event that an animal does get stuck, it can be rescued before suffering serious harm.

If for whatever reason, you decide that it’s no longer needed, it really needs to either be filled in or removed and the resultant pit filled in. Many years down the line, the grid will eventually begin to deteriorate – if it hasn’t been appropriately managed, this can pose a risk to vehicles if they still pass over it.

In addition, a cattle grid still has the potential to trap animals, even if it’s no longer being used on your farm to control animal movements. Filling in unwanted grids is the safest, most responsible course of action.

Incorrectly installed grids may include solid areas at the side of the grid, which allow cattle to wander across. They may also have insufficient depth or have flat bars that are easy for sheep to traverse.

Grids from Graham’s Precast are designed and fitted with the need for a secure, cattle-proof installation as a priority. Give us a call today to get yours!