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Concrete Septic Tanks in Yamba

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Truck Lifting Septic Tank — Concrete Products in Yamba, NSW

Ensuring Projects Go Off Without a Hitch

Call Graham’s Precast Concrete Products on (02) 6632 2978 to get started on designing and building your concrete septic tank. With four crane trucks available, we can deliver directly to your property in Yamba. Our skilled team will then carry out the installation while working closely with your plumber and excavation team of choice. We’re certified by the NSW Department of Health for wastewater treatment systems.

Curing concrete strengthens the material—it’s a step you can’t skip in the construction process. But there’s no reason why you should stop all operations! We’ll pour and cure products off-site, so you can stay on the tools. 

Whether you’re a civil contractor, farmer or homeowner—take advantage of our high-quality concrete products. We offer free, no-obligation to buy quotes! 

Concrete Septic Tank Installation Requirements

The installation of a concrete septic tank at your Yamba property is not as simple as plugging your tank into your plumbing system—it involves numerous parts working together. We offer delivery of the tank to your site, but it is then up to the client to find and hire a plumber and an excavation team for installation. 

If both of these services are not on site, we cannot install your septic tank for you. Graham’s Precast Concrete Products does not offer these services and does not organise these services for clients. 

Get in touch for further information. 

Truck Parked during Sunset — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Yamba, NSW

When you hire our team, you can expect a prompt and efficient septic tank installation. We have a modern fleet and can travel throughout Yamba.

Want to secure your cattle? Use our precast concrete grids. Our qualified team will deliver them to your Yamba farm and ensure they’re properly fitted. 

We offer precast concrete products for civil construction projects in Yamba and surrounding areas. Our headwalls will support your pipes for years to come. 

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why we’re one of the leading precast concrete providers in Yamba and surrounding areas. This includes: 

To place an order, either fill out our form online or call (02) 6632 2978. For maintenance tips or advice on choosing a specific product, read our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is important to properly size and select the correct location for your tank. It should be placed in an area that has adequate soil drainage and away from sources of contamination. Additionally, the tank should be installed at least three metres from your house or any other building. You’ll also need a local plumber and excavation company.

If you experience any problems with your precast concrete septic tank, contact a professional to inspect it and diagnose the issue. They will be able to suggest the best course of action to resolve the issue.