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Concrete Reed Beds Northern Rivers

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Concrete reed beds with sand — Reed Beds in Kyogle, NSW

Wastewater Management NSW & QLD

At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products in Kyogle, we manufacture and install quality reed beds for clients throughout the Northern Rivers region. Our delivery drivers can travel from Tweed headsLismore and Grafton to Yamba, Coffs Coast and Byron Bay.

A reed bed is a secondary treatment system used to remove excess pollutants from wastewater. It’s a natural, eco-friendly way to treat black and greywater after it passes through a septic tank.

A reed bed is basically a precast concrete container that is filled with 10-20mm gravel and specific plants called reeds. As wastewater travels into the reed bed, it is dispersed across the whole width of the bed. It is then spread through the gravel and the ‘reeds’ absorb the untreated water, and a range of natural reactions occur.

This process removes all unneeded/unhealthy microorganisms and bacteria from the wastewater. The water then can be used on the land, as it’s now safer to be put back into the environment.

Benefits of a Reed Bed System

Concrete reed beds are a long-term, eco-friendly wastewater solution. They remove extra unhealthy bacteria before the water is returned to the environment through trenches. But that’s not all!

There are many reasons to install a reed bed at your home, business, or rural property. You can save on power and upkeep costs, as the bed is fed by gravity, and you can maintain it yourself after installation. To learn more, contact our team!

Field of concrete reed beds — Reed Beds in Kyogle, NSW

Concrete Reed Beds

Frequently Asked Questions

Black water is the water that comes from your toilets and greywater is all other wastewater out of your house, that includes from your bathrooms (shower water), kitchen and laundry.

Reed Beds Illustrations — Reed Beds in Kyogle, NSW
Reed Beds Process Illustrations — Reed Beds in Kyogle, NSW