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Concrete Septic Tanks in Lismore

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Septic Tank Installation — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Byron Bay, NSW

The Show Goes On

At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, our precast concrete septic tanks are built in compliance with Australian Standards. We cater to different industries including the civil, agricultural and commercial sectors. 

Concrete is an extremely versatile material, whatever you imagine—we can pour. But it needs to cure for extra strength. With a busy build, you might not have the resources, labour or time to wait for this process. 

That’s where we come in. Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, as the name suggests, can design and fabricate structures off-site while you focus on other aspects of construction. When ready, our team will hand-deliver the order. Servicing Lismore and surrounds, we’re quick, careful and well-organised. 

Call us on (02) 6632 2978 to organise a no-obligation quote, free of charge. 

Concrete Septic Tank Installation Requirements

Want to have your precast concrete septic tank professionally installed on your site? Of course you do! It is possible to have your tank installed at your property in Lismore, but there are multiple factors that must first be taken into consideration. 

Our team can provide the tank itself, however, the client must arrange for the services of a plumber and excavation team for installation. We cannot install your tank without these services. Graham’s Precast Concrete Products does not provide these services and does not organise these services for clients. 

For all booking enquiries, get in touch with our team today! 

Truck Parked during Sunset — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Yamba, NSW

We have four crane trucks at our disposal in Lismore and surrounding areas able to install your concrete septic tank. Our operators will position the tank for your plumber to connect it.  

If your cattle tend to roam where they’re not wanted, use our precast concrete grids. Our accredited team offer quick installations throughout Lismore and beyond. 

Are you laying drainage pipes in Lismore? Our skilled team can manufacture precast concrete headwalls to suit. Our range includes single-cell, double-cell and sloping designs.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Graham’s Precast Concrete Products started out in 1982. Since then, we have fostered strong relationships with the Lismore and greater NSW community. Our positive attitudes and drive for excellence has largely contributed to our success. With 150 distributers, we’re one of the top providers of precast concrete. Here’s why: 

To enquire, talk to our experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dense soil can restrict the movement of air and water. The soil best suited for septic systems are mixtures of sand, silt and clay.

Precast concrete septic tanks provide superior structural strength, durability and require no maintenance. They also resist corrosion and cracking, have an extended lifespan compared to other materials and can be installed quickly.