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Precast Concrete Products NSW & QLD

Precast Concrete Products

Operating Throughout QLD And NSW

With over 150 distributors across two states, Graham’s Precast Concrete Products prides itself on delivering an innovative, premium service to as many clients, and companies, as possible. Over the past four decades, we’ve worked hard to cultivate our reputation as a trusted seller of concrete products, and a key part of this is our devotion to quality at each stage. Our success in both Queensland and New South Wales stands as a testament to our high standards, and we have enough experience in these territories to know the usual requirements and conditions of their construction projects.

Everything we make stands up to scrutiny, even in the intense Australian heat, so you can be certain that each tank, pipe and trough lasts, with very little maintenance necessary. We consult with our clients to figure out exactly what they’ll need from us to help with their construction project, including the product’s size or any additional custom requests, and strive to fulfil this at every turn.

Loaded trailer truck — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Byron Bay, NSW
Truck loaded with precast concrete — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Byron Bay, NSW

Free, No-Obligation Concrete Product Quotes

Before you commit to a precast concrete product, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting. Get in touch with us today about your current project, and we’ll be happy to discuss any specific requirements, alongside the many benefits of using precast concrete compared to its alternatives. You could be unsure about using concrete instead of ceramic or plastic for your septic tank, for example, but we’ll be happy to explain the versatility of precast concrete while providing a cost estimate. A no-obligation quote can help you figure out the most cost-effective approach to your project.

Precast Concrete Product Deliveries and Installations

Our services extend to delivery and depending on the product, the installation, including our cattle grids, reed beds, and more. Though we handle many deliveries across the country each day, the team at Graham’s Precast Concrete Products can still take the time to help you place the structure wherever it’s meant to go. As a part of this, we also like to check that everything functions properly, and could reliably serve a property for decades to come. Everything we design fits the size, and scope, of your project, so you can be sure that it all slots perfectly into place.

Truck for precast concrete delivery — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Byron Bay, NSW
Construction workers pouring cement — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

40+ Years Experience

If you’re looking for precast concrete products, then you’ve come to the right place! For over 40 years, Graham’s Precast Concrete Products has provided Queensland and New South Wales with premium concrete products that you can depend on. We’re committed to providing great customer service and high-grade items for different industries, including the civil construction, plumbing and agricultural sectors. Expect friendly staff and a go-getter attitude.

We have over 150 rural stores across NSW and QLD that specialise in a wide range of products, such as concrete water troughs, septic tanks, grids and more. We carry numerous sizes to accommodate diverse areas and situations, so you’re sure to find what you need.

If you have a question about any of our listed products or services, feel free to reach out. We can help you choose the right product for your upcoming project in the Northern Rivers.

Why Choose Graham's Precast Concrete Products?

Our team is backed by over four decades of experience designing and developing concrete moulds to suit the needs of primary producers and other industries. We’re committed to producing high-quality concrete products while following strict guidelines. Our septic tanks are built to Australian & NZ standards (1546.1.2 2008 Part 1). We also have a Structural Design Certificate for grids.

Over countless conversations between farmers and our team, we’ve come to a strong understanding of our clients’ needs and the products they’re looking for. Every single one of our precast concrete products is designed by you, for you.

Wondering if our products might be right for you? We offer a free, no-obligation quote on any project, so you can make an informed decision.
White semi truck loading decant tower — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

How To Buy Our Precast Concrete Products

Newly added decant towers — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

Choose Your Product & Location

We provide a wide range of precast concrete products, including reed beds and septic tanks for wastewater management. Can’t decide? Talk to our experienced team for advice. We’ll take the time to discuss your needs and recommend the optimal product.

Delivery is available throughout the Northern Rivers region and surrounds—from Lismore, Tweed heads and Grafton to Yamba, Coffs Coast and Byron Bay.

Multiple semi trucks — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

Get A Quote

After you have selected a product/s and location, contact us online or call (02) 6632 2978. We offer a free, no-obligation quote on any project—whether it’s a cattle grid installation or custom-made water trough. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Semi truck loading blocks — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

We Deliver The Product

Here’s the fun part—enjoy your new precast concrete products! Our delivery trucks run from Monday to Friday. We have 4 on-the-go to ensure your order arrives as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with our friendly staff. We offer installations for septic tanks, reed beds and cattle grids.


Purchased 3 x 1.5m concrete water troughs. Excellent quality, excellent value and exceptional delivery service!

- Trevor B.
Good service with a quick response.Thank you.

- Denis E.
A great local business always helpful to their customers with a great product.

- Michael

Your Leading Precast Concrete Manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

Precast concrete is made off-site using a mould to shape the concrete. This is the primary difference between precast concrete and concrete made on-site. It is usually made by pouring concrete into a mould with wire and reinforced with prestressed cable. The concrete is then cured and transported to the site where it’s put in place.
Because precast concrete is made in a controlled environment and additional strengthening techniques can be applied, the final concrete product is stronger than concrete poured on-site. Moreover, because moulds are used to shape the concrete, precast is highly flexible and can be created for a wide range of shapes and sizes. Overall, the process is generally faster, safer, and less costly than using standard concrete.

Compared to standard concrete, there are several advantages to using precast concrete. These include:

  • Speed of construction
  • Reliable supply of product—production not affected by weather
  • High level of performance in terms of durability, flood & fire resistance & sustainability
  • Highly flexible in terms of shape, size & finish options
  • Can incorporate plumbing & electrical features

At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, we’re always taking measures to make sure you get a high-quality and effective concrete solution. We perform a visual inspection of each product after casting to check for cracks or other minor defects that could affect the concrete’s overall quality and effectiveness.

We’ve been continuously refining our process for over four decades to make sure that everything you get from us is more than capable of fulfilling its duties. Companies throughout Queensland and New South Wales use us for their concrete product needs because everything we deliver is high-quality.

Virtually any sector can feel the advantages of precast concrete products (including its flexibility and durability), which is why our clients come from many diverse fields. The requirements for our products typically vary from one business to another, and we can scale our service to match your specifications.

Rural, Commercial & Industrial companies are among some of our clients, but plenty of industries could use concrete to improve their own operations. Graham’s Precast Concrete Products offers a flexible service that can benefit any business in need of concrete tanks, pipes, and more; make sure you take a look at our designs today.

The answer to this depends on the product you want, and any unique requests or specifications you may have. For example, larger septic tanks naturally take longer as they require more concrete, and the same is generally true of our other creations; we never rush the casting process.

Once the concrete’s ready for delivery, you can expect it within a couple of days at a time that’s convenient for you, depending on your location. We have four delivery trucks working tirelessly throughout the week to deliver your precast products and always aim to get them to your project site as soon as possible.

Every job and project is different, and some may see more benefits from a precast concrete product compared to steel or other common materials. Concrete is excellent under compression and jobs that require these properties always turn to concrete. This doesn’t mean concrete is the perfect fit for every job – but it’s a cost-effective approach, which often has more versatility than steel.

We can complete your concrete products in a lot less time than the steel equivalent would require, as concrete casting is a very streamlined process. The resulting products are also better at providing insulation, which may be a priority for you depending on the project’s unique needs.

You can expect your precast concrete products to last a long time – we make sure that everything we deliver is sturdy enough to handle wear and tear over decades. These concrete products actually become even stronger as time passes and the structure continues to slowly cure.

Our precast products could last up to a century with the correct care, and maintenance is rarely more complex than simply cleaning the structure regularly or arranging inspections. Septic tanks in particular usually require annual servicing, especially as they’re generally inaccessible otherwise.

This largely depends on your own preferences, and the overall aesthetic of a project – but concrete’s versatility allows it to match almost any setting. On top of this, precast concrete is durable enough to avoid many natural signs of age, helping it retain a youthful look over the years.

We can also custom-make these products in certain sizes and designs to match a project, and it’s even possible for you to paint the concrete any colour you want. Precast concrete offers a distinct style that blends form and function with ease.

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