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Concrete Feed Troughs QLD & NSW

Many Different Sizes Available

Quality Precast Concrete Feed Troughs

At Graham’s Precast Concrete, we’ve been supplying New South Wales and Queensland with premier concrete products for four decades and our concrete feed troughs have a reputation for quality, durability, and value.

Our expertise in top-line precast concrete and our aptitude for excellent customer service is a winning combination that makes us a top choice for concrete feed troughs across NSW and Queensland.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our huge range of precast concrete productsContact us online or call us on 02 6632 2978.

Table of Contents

Benefits Of A Precast Concrete Feed Trough

There are a number of benefits to choosing precast concrete for your livestock feed, including:

Our feed & water troughs are made to meet industry standards. We are proud of their longevity and happy to say our quality precast concrete troughs will serve any farm for years to come. Based in Kyogle, we deliver products to clients across the region, from Grafton, Byron Bay and Lismore to Coffs Coast, Yamba and Tweed Heads.

Small feed troughs — Feed Troughs in Kyogle, NSW
small concrete feed trough

Concrete Feed Troughs For A Variety of Cattle

At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, we sell a wide range of concrete feed troughs suitable for a variety of livestock. Our troughs are also suitable to hold multiple types of feed, including grain and hay. We have specialised troughs that are ideal for smaller animals, such as sheep and pigs that cannot reach as high as cows. Whether you are looking for a trough for a single pony or a cattle of cows, we can provide the feeding solution you need.

Our team take pride in providing concrete feed troughs QLD & NSW businesses can rely on. We have years of experience providing unique feeding trough solutions to our clients and improving their feeding processes. If you are unsure what size of feed trough you need, do not hesitate to contact our expert team. We’d be happy to learn more about your livestock and their feeding requirements and recommend the best trough for your needs. Reach out to us today!

How To Keep Your Feed Trough In Top Condition

Our concrete feeding troughs are incredibly long-lasting and hard-wearing. There are, however, some tips you can follow to prolong the life of your concrete trough even further. Our top tips include:

  • Clean your concrete trough regularly. As a result of regular cleaning, dirt accumulation, water toxicity and erosion are reduced. This is beneficial in increasing the lifespan of the trough and maintaining good health for your animals.
  • Monitor your PH levels. When cleaning your feeding trough ensure you do not use water with high acidity. Acidic water is not only potentially harmful to livestock if consumed, but it may also cause your concrete trough to erode.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

Photo of a Feed Troughs — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW
5m concrete feed trough

Ease Your Livestock Feeding Process

Using our high-quality feed troughs can help to optimise feed processes and reduce labour-intensive tasks involved with feeding cattle. For example, our unique trough design ensures no feed needs to be pushed up, making feeding processes much faster.

Our long troughs also ensure cattle have access to feed whenever they want it, reducing the frequency of re-filling troughs and waste. Our curved corner design not only prevents feed from going stale but also ensures livestock does not injure itself whilst feeding. The smooth, curved corners can also be easily cleaned, reducing the time needed to be spent on cleaning processes. Get a quote today!

What Types Of Concrete Feed Troughs Are There?

Our concrete feed troughs come in a range of different heights and lengths to suit your specific feeding needs. Whether you need to feed your cattle, sheep or any animals we have a size trough to suit your needs.

Big feed troughs — Feed Troughs in Kyogle, NSW

Wide Range Of Concrete Feed Troughs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can be designed especially for your livestock e.g., lower troughs for sheep to reach
  • Can be placed under a fence, allowing them to be split across two paddocks
  • Ideal for large numbers of livestock
  • Great solution for narrow spaces like lanes or walkways

Precast concrete is ideal for feed troughs, especially when dealing with larger numbers of cattle, horse, or other livestock. Benefits include:

  • Stops wastage/spillage – allows operators to drive along & pour silage straight into the bunkers
  • Great for feedlot
  • Open-ended for easy cleaning
  • Heavy enough that cattle cannot push them around
  • Buying a feed trough goes hand in hand with top customer service, efficient delivery & high-quality installation
  • We offer on-site delivery
  • We can assist with installation
  • We have 4 trucks working over five days, so as soon as your trough is built, we can get it on the road
  • We’re not tied to set delivery runs – we go where we’re needed, when we’re needed
  • We also supply a number of local distributors who will deliver & install products on our behalf
Soil erosion can damage a feed trough as it alters pressure in the ground and may cause the trough to crack. To avoid this issue, ensure your trough is installed by an expert team and in a location that is not experiencing erosion problems.
Water and feeding troughs have different constructions, for example, water troughs require pipes and a pump to create a continuous flow of fresh water for livestock. For this reason, a concrete feed trough should be used to serve feed only, not water.
Concrete troughs are ideal for livestock that is considered more ‘lively’ or ‘difficult’ as it can withstand multiple kicks, bangs and knocks without breaking or showing signs of wear. If you own cattle or an animal that is particularly boisterous at feeding time, speak to our team and we may be able to create a bespoke feeding trough that is better suited for your animal/animals.
If you have an old concrete trough, the best option is likely to replace it with a new model from our quality selection. You can attempt to repair the trough if you wish with a sealant such as Bondex. Mix Bondex with sharp sand and cement to make a strong repair mortar that may be applied in 6mm thicknesses. If you want to do extremely thin repairs, use a formula of 1:1 Bondex to Polycote Kiln dried Sand and Cement. This may be blended as wet as you wish and poured/scraped over the surface of a trough to create a temporary repair.