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Concrete Septic Tanks in Kyogle

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Man Smiling Besides the ISUZU Truck — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

Don’t Let Curing Cause Trouble 

If you’re a civil contractor, you know concrete curing stalls construction. Why waste time and money waiting? Instead, call the team at Graham’s Precast Concrete Products on (02) 6632 2978. We design and manufacture a variety of concrete products, including septic tanks at our Kyogle workshop and can deliver them to your jobsite, ready for installation. We’re not kidding when we say our turnaround times are quick—on average, we distribute roughly 600 products every month!

Our team does not sacrifice quality for quantity; alll our products comply with Australian Standards. We’re even certified by the NSW Department of Health for our septic tanks and collection wells.

Ready to take wastewater treatment to the next level? Contact our team to learn more!

Concrete Septic Tank Installation Requirements

To ensure the successful installation of a concrete septic tank at your property in Kyogle, numerous components must come together. At Graham’s Precast Concrete, we offer the delivery of tanks to your site, but we can’t install your tank without further assistance.

The client is responsible for finding both a plumber and excavation team to assist with installation. Graham’s Precast Concrete Products does not offer these services and does not organise these services for clients.

For more information, or a free quote, reach out to our team today!

Septic Tank Installation — Precast Concrete Products Near Me in Byron Bay, NSW

Using one of our crane trucks, we’ll carefully lower your new septic tank into a pre-excavated hole in Kyogle. Your plumber will then connect it

Our rust-resistant cattle grids can handle heavy vehicle traffic and harsh conditions in Kyogle. Provide the best possible care for your livestock with our help.

For reliable headwalls, you can’t go past us! We build strong sloping, single-cell and double-cell headwalls for civil construction projects throughout Kyogle and surrounding areas. 

Why Choose Us?

Since our establishment in 1982, we have built a reputation for outstanding workmanship and personalised service. There are multiple reasons why we’re one of the leading providers of precast concrete in Kyogle including: 

If you have any queries, get in touch with our passionate team.  

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on whether your tank is treating all waste, as well as the number of rooms in your household or commercial building. Typically, a building with five or less rooms will need a smaller septic unit. For advice, contact your local provider.

If you’re experienced and have a permit from your local council, then by all means have a crack! But septic tank installations can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s recommended you hire a licensed plumber.