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Five Reasons Why Concrete Feed Troughs Are Better For Livestock

By Graham’s Precast Concrete Products Pty Ltd • 12 Jan, 2021


Concrete Feed Troughs Are An Ideal Choice For Livestock

A stock-rearing necessity, it’s essential that feed troughs are able to deliver the durable, safe and hygienic performance your animals deserve. One of the most important considerations when selecting a feed trough is the construction material, which can make an enormous difference to anything from feed quality through to animal welfare.

Concrete is one of the most highly recommended materials for feed troughs of all shapes and sizes. Take a look at five reasons why concrete feed troughs are better for livestock.

Improved Food Hygiene

A concrete feed trough is cast so that it has smooth sides and rounded edges. This not only makes it comfortable for the animals to feed from, the concrete is also extremely easy to keep clean. The smooth surface ensures no food remains stuck after cleaning. An additional hygiene feature is the use of splayed corners. These prevent old food from building up in the corners of the trough, minimising the risk of stale food being ingested.


Over time, even durable plastic can become brittle. This may mean bits snap off, leaving a sharp edge which can damage the animals whilst they’re feeding. Particularly when troughs are outside and inspection may not be a regular thing, it’s essential to have a trough you can depend on to keep your animals safe.

Better Feeding Habits

Using a concrete trough, animals can have access to feed continuously. If gaining weight is a priority for your livestock, concrete troughs can make a positive difference. Concrete troughs are fast and straightforward to fill, and their shape means the risk of food being spilt is minimal, reducing vermin risks and helping to keep walkways clear.

Available in a Wide Range of Shapes and Sizes

Concrete is an extremely versatile material that can be moulded into a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. When it comes to creating a trough that’s exactly right for your agri-business, concrete is the perfect option. 

The ability to customise a concrete installation means that it’s the perfect medium for a trough that’s to be located in an awkwardly shaped area. Its strength and stability also mean it works well in challenging environments, where there may be a risk of livestock bumping the trough, or where the location is subject to wind and/or rain.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Suitable for both interior and exterior installations, concrete is enormously hard-wearing. Not only is it unlikely to deteriorate due to UV light, temperature changes or moisture, it’s also very strong. If you want a trough that you can rely on to keep giving superior performance, no matter what the weather may throw at it, concrete is going to work really well.

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