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Why Concrete Water Troughs Are the Best Choice in NSW

By Graham’s Precast Concrete Products Pty Ltd • Oct 14, 2020



Why are concrete water troughs the best choice? Basically, they last a hell of a long time. It takes a long time for weather and use to break down concrete down. Unless they are broken or cracked through accident, they should still be around when your grandchildren grow up. If you need to invest in a water trough, invest in a concrete one, because they are tough.

Water tanks aren’t items that you replace every so often, or would want to, so make the right choice now. Here at Graham Precast Concrete Products have been making concrete water troughs in NSW for over 40 years, so we can say that we know a thing or two about them. So, let us tell you why concrete water troughs from us are the best choice.


We manufacture our products on site. With a tried and tested process for designing and manufacturing a range of precast products, we maintain absolute quality control over everything we make. By manufacturing our products on-site we ensure they are made to standard. This simple measure also means that all our concrete water troughs in NSW are delivered on time, by us.


Another reason we are the best choice for concrete water troughs is quite simply the quality of our products. We produce and sell a range of different sizes, shapes, and finishes. Tell us what you need and we will make it. The tanks are made in one go by pouring into a mould which has prestressed cabling and wire for strength. This method ensures that the tank is all of one piece to maintain the integrity of the whole, which means no fitting together and therefore no leaks.


Concrete is also very durable, it has sustainability. This method of precast concrete manufacturing makes the water troughs solid, but with high flexibility too. In other words, although rigid, it isn’t brittle and won’t easily crack because of earth movement or any other kind of reasonable pressure. Water troughs used for large animals can expect to be knocked, but our products are made to stand up to that without damage.

Of course, any type of tank that you need, whether for human or animal use can be fitted for plumbing, drainage, pumps, and even electrical components.

Choose Concrete

We know all about concrete water troughs in NSW, so give us a call here at Graham Precast Concrete Products on 02 6632 2978. We also make headwells, well liners, septic tanks, and a range of other products. If you thinking of water tanks or any of the above, use our contact page and tell us what you need.

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