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Septic Tanks in Grafton

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Concrete bunks tanks — About Us in Kyogle, NSW

Minimise Downtime On-Site

As a civil contractor, you know how much time is wasted waiting for concrete to cure. Don’t let this push back your construction deadlines. Instead, dial Graham’s Precast Concrete Products on (02) 6632 2978 today. Delivery is available throughout Grafton and surrounding areas, from Monday to Friday. We can have your headwalls, septic tanks, or reed beds ready for installation in no time. 

For peace of mind, our team is fully trained and certified. We ensure all our products comply with Australian Standards. 

Precast concrete is a flexible process. We’re able to custom produce moulds to suit diverse applications, locations, and industries. Whether you’re a farmer, homeowner, or CEO, count on us for the highest quality precast concrete. Our prices are competitive!

Secure & Satisfied

Your livestock are an investment, so protecting them is in your best interest. To safeguard cattle, order our precast concrete grids, We have a certificate in grid structural design, so these cattle grids won’t break under pressure or rust in extreme weather. They’re perfect for vehicle access points around your Grafton property. Contact our skilled team to organise an installation.

Here at Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, we also fabricate concrete water and feeding troughs off-site. We’re able to pour different shapes and sizes to fit the space—be it a narrow walkway or under a fence between two paddocks. Our team can also specially design troughs for your livestock, including sheep, poultry, pigs, and horses. Apart from keeping your animals satisfied, our troughs provide a host of benefits, such as:

Photo of a Feed Troughs — Concrete Products in Kyogle, NSW

Concrete septic tanks are easy to install when you have a crane truck on hand! We’ll work cohesively with a local plumber to install one at your Grafton property.

Got cattle like Lewis and Clark? Our precast concrete grids will hinder their expedition around Grafton. They won’t be able to stray onto recovering pastures or dangerous environments like roadways. 

To support your drainage pipes or new bridge, choose our precast concrete headwalls. Single-cell, sloping, and double-cell options are available for civil job sites in Grafton.

Experience You Can Trust

We’re one of the leading providers of precast concrete products in Grafton! Here are a few reasons why:

Our business has been growing exponentially since its establishment in 1982. We now have 150 distributors throughout NSW and QLD, delivering approximately 600 products each month. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly team. We’re more than happy to offer advice. You can also read up on our latest blog posts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the amount of people in your household. If the septic tank is used by two people, it should be pumped every 5 to 6 years. Otherwise, it’s recommended you organise a pumping service annually. 

Reed beds are designed to diminish smells. If your system is producing an odd odour, it could mean it’s not well-maintained. Contact your provider for advice on their upkeep.

If you want permanent water troughs, we recommend using concrete. It’s rust-resistant, unlikely to crack in hot climates, unmoveable by pushy stock and long-lasting. Unlike plastic troughs, the sun won’t warp its shape.

Long feed troughs are typically used for sheep. Your precast concrete provider can design and fabricate a long trough that is low enough for lambs to reach.