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Septic Tanks in Byron Bay

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Concrete Water Trough at the Field — Precast Concrete Products in Byron Bay, NSW

Improve Productivity All-Round

Waiting for concrete to cure on-site is like watching paint dry; it’s tedious and wastes labour time. Why delay construction when you can purchase precast concrete products? Make Graham’s Precast Concrete Products your go-to supplier today. We service the civil, commercial, agricultural, and residential sectors in Byron Bay and surrounding areas. With 4 trucks working Monday to Friday, we’ll deliver your order on time and can even install it that very day.

Our professionals use the highest-quality materials and tried-and-tested strengthening techniques. This ensures our concrete products will serve your property for years to come. Whether you need headwalls to support a new bridge or a septic tank to process wastewater, we’re your all-in-one precast concrete solution. We also manufacture reed beds for additional filtration. 

Looking After Your Livestock

What do sheep, cattle, goat, and horse owners have in common? They all need ways to nourish and care for their animals. At Graham’s Precast Concrete Products, we assist farmers throughout Byron Bay with cattle grids, as well as feed and water troughs. 

Our precast concrete feed and water troughs are ideal for rural properties. Unlike plastic options, concrete troughs won’t crack in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, cattle won’t be able to push the trough over because of the material’s weight and strength. Our troughs are available in different shapes and sizes for accessibility. We’ve designed them with animal safety and comfort in mind.

We can install grids at different entry points or creek crossings throughout your property, including driveway and paddock gates. This will help prevent your cattle from approaching dangerous environments or chewing your front lawn.

Contact us online or call (02) 6632 2978 to arrange a free, no-obligation quote today.

Feed Trough Side View — Precast Concrete Products in Byron Bay, NSW

After delivering your new septic tank, we’ll collaborate with your chosen plumber to install it. Book an installation anywhere in the Byron Bay region today.

Stop your livestock from wandering off with our concrete cattle grids. Our Byron Bay team offer a complete service, from design and production to delivery and installation.

We provide precast concrete products for civil construction sites across Byron Bay, including single-cell, sloping and double-cell headwalls. Regardless of pipe size, we can custom-make a headwall to suit.

Why Choose Us?

Since starting out in 1982, we have expanded our business to 150 distributers across NSW and QLD. We owe this success to our dedicated team who take pride in their workmanship and provide excellent end-to-end service. 

All our precast concrete products are locally manufactured to Australian Standards, meaning you’ll receive the highest quality goods every time. We’re certified by the NSW Department of Health & Management Facility Septic Tanks & Collection Wells and have a Structural Design Certificate for Grids.  

Our turnaround times are fast. At full capacity, we can produce up to 40 products per day. What’s more, we personally deliver each product, so you only have to speak with one company. Save yourself the hassle of mixing concrete on-site, instead order our precast products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cattle grids are easy to walk and drive over for humans. Typically, they’re safe for livestock as well. However, some risks include animals jumping over the grid and getting their legs stuck through the rails.

Precast concrete are ready for use upon delivery, which reduces production time and labour costs on-site. This is especially valuable for large-scale projects. Additionally, precast products are reinforced with steel rebar and controlled during the curing process, making them stronger than the alternative.

However, precast products must be handled with great care to avoid damage during transportation. They also require heavy machinery for the installation, which can increase expenses.

It all comes down to your budget, location, labourers, and requirements. But precast concrete is generally considered a good investment.

Concrete septic tanks typically last up to 40 years. This is because concrete is a strong, rust-resistant material. These tanks are often watertight which can reduce leaks as well.