Avoid These Common Septic Tank Mistakes To Keep Your System In Top Shape

Septic tanks are necessary when you aren’t connected to mains sewage lines and like any other system, they need to be looked after. They require proper use, care, and maintenance to ensure that they function as they should. When it comes to getting help with your septic tank, you need Graham’s Precast Concrete Products. We provide high quality and durable septic tanks and advise on their use. Here are some mistakes to avoid with yours.

Flushing the Wrong Items

You should never flush anything that isn’t human waste or toilet tissue. Anything else can cause problems in your septic tank and the entire septic system. You should never flush tampons, diapers, cat litter, sanitary napkins, or baby wipes down the toilet. These items don’t break down properly and can clog your septic system or damage the tank.

Doing Too Much Laundry at One Time

Doing a load of laundry uses quite a bit of water. If you’re doing loads one right after the other, you’re putting too much strain on your septic tank. Try spreading out the loads, doing one per day or spacing loads apart by several hours. This protects the septic tank so that it functions like it should, but still allows you to get your clothes clean when needed.

Putting Too Much in the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal isn’t meant for huge amounts of solid waste. This can damage the septic

system because it takes too long for the tank to break it down. Throw away large food debris and avoid putting too much down at one time. You should also avoid putting grease and oil in your garbage disposal because it can lead to clogs as it solidifies. These items should be thrown in the rubbish bin instead.

Putting Chemicals Down the Drain

You should never put chemicals down the drains in your house because they can cause big problems in the septic tank. These chemical products can disrupt the bacteria in the tank. Those bacteria are important because they break down the waste in the septic tank so if they are destroyed, your tank could become blocked or quit working altogether. You should also avoid antibacterial soap products because they can cause the same issues. Instead, use only natural cleaners and make sure you’re doing regular maintenance to the system.

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