Concrete Septic Tanks Have A Number Of Advantages

When you are considering getting a new septic tank for your property, you may be surprised by the options available to you. You may be torn between standard PVC or steel tanks, or want to try a septic tank made from precast concrete. This option has a number of advantages over other varieties, and some towns may even recommend this. If you are looking for septic tanks from concrete manufacturers in QLD, Grahams Precast Concrete Products may be able to show you what your options are.

Concrete septic tanks are weighted

As with everything related to concrete, these tanks can be heavy. This might be a disadvantage when you need them to be removed, but it can also be a great advantage, meaning that it will never be carried to the surface by soil movement, and it is also more likely to be robust.

Rust free

Another advantage of choosing a septic tank from Grahams Precast Concrete Products is that they will not rust. Some PVC tanks contain parts that will rust or fail, and steel tanks are also prone to rusting or corrosion. Unlike these other tanks, concrete tanks will not deteriorate, so they remain strong for longer.

No fear of collapse

Occasionally, when you are pumping material from a PVC or steel tank, they can collapse inwards. This can be an expensive problem, easily avoided by choosing to use concrete septic tanks instead.


Unlike other forms of septic tanks, concrete is environmentally sound, and can be the best material for septic tanks. It is not likely to affect groundwater, and it is non-toxic to the surrounding soil, making it perfect for use in a garden.

Easy to install

If you want a fast and reliable installation for your septic tank, then concrete is the ideal material. Grahams Precast Concrete Products can provide you with high-quality installation that will help you to manage your wastewater more effectively. Unlike plastic tanks, our installation methods will not cause your tanks to fail early.

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